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Nathalie YAMB

Born 22.07.1969   |  Cameroonian/Swiss   |   Mother of one

Nathalie Yamb has more than twenty 25 years of experience as a communication specialist and human resources expert in Europe and Africa.

Widely credited for her ability to identify and motivate talent to challenge existing assumptions and create new pathways for success, she worked on the development of leadership profiles and managed the leadership-led deployment of new cultures.

Fluent in several languages, Nathalie Yamb is a dynamic speaker, excellent facilitator and an engaging presenter skilled in employing clarity, innovation and technology in delivering effective conferences and leadership & strategic management presentations in French, English or German to diverse audiences at all organizational levels.


Nathalie has given numerous interviews and written numerous articles on African independence and renaissance, advocating for a vibrant private sector, parliamentarian regime, the end of the CFA franc & Françafrique, and the handover of land property rights to the populations for an improved development of Francophone African countries.



Executive Adviser   |   Presidential Candidate  |   Côte d'Ivoire


Executive Adviser   |   Chairman of LIDER Party  |   Côte d'Ivoire

Spokesperson & Representative |   Jerry J. Rawlings   |  Ghana (CIMTS)

Keynote Speaker & Facilitator  |   Europe & Africa  |   since 2015


West & Central Africa Regiona OD&L  Executive  |   MTN Group  |  Ghana & SA

Chief Human Resources Executive   |  MTN   |  Côte d'Ivoire

Senior Employment, Training & Development Manager   |   APMT   |   Nigeria 

HR & Communication Manager   |   APM Maersk  |   Cameroon 


Managing Director   |   Oxymore Advertsing   |   Cameroon

Managing Director    |  Panafcom Young & Rubicam   |   Cameroon  

Adverting Manager  |   Nelson Mc Cann Erickson   |   Cameroon

Tour Manager |   Coco Tours   |   Germany

Show Editor |   Sat 1  |   Germany

some Training & Workshops

Vital Smarts   |   Influencing Change |   Johannesburg

Vital Smarts   |   Crucial Conversations   |   Johannesburg

Vital Smarts   |  Crucial Accountability   |   Johannesburg

Ken Blanchard   |   Situational Leadership   |   Accra

Experience Point   |   Leading & Managing Organizational Change   |   Accra

Peopletree   |   Leadership Talent Management System  |   Johannesburg

APM  |   Global Terminal Management Programme   |   The Hague

Praendex   |   Predictive Index Certification   |   Geneva

APM   |   Fundamentals on Human Resources   |   Copenhagen

Special Skills

Political agility, digital fluency, strategic leadership, diversity & inclusion

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